Cosmic Love lyrics


MC Wave

Cosmic love
Cosmic love

[Verse 1]
On another level, this type of love is special
She ease my mental, fragile care sentimental
Our views correspond, hardships she says “I got you”
An infinite bond, we adore our discernment charm
And we did a lot to get to this spot, a little more freedom than we already got
Haven’t miss out on sh*t, nah not even a lot
We suddenly met each other at the top, we took the time out to finally meet up
Ovеrlooking the whole scenic miragе, already knowing there’s more to this facade
We just watched, we just watched
With her, I feel more than two of cups
Self science, our chemistry is strong
Detonated clock, a ticking time bomb to these bots
But I don’t give a f*ck what they talk, just keep it up on a tuck
Mundane in a plane where illusions remain, luckily I found something stoic
While you keep on snoring, capturing moments frozen
Striking guests, I’m on a quest that’s heroic
Baby girl by my side, my sunshine golden
Didn’t fit in but never forced it, their shoes unfit
More confirmation I’m chosen, gotta feel rich to get rich
Don’t wanna feel, stay, do as a broke b*tch
I’m seeing all of my 5D children
Alarmed purpose, I woke up to the notice
Cosmic love
Cosmic love
Cosmic love

[Verse 2]
My self actualization is vast, f*ck your apathy
Anorexia drastically, endured the catastrophe
I’m casting this map of utopia, better than the one here in America
I just can’t deal with eureka, location Europa, universal presence
Don’t ask about experienced exes, those relationships past tense
Feeling her high vibrating frequency, her words heard evidently
My ears ringing clearly, felt her power spontaneously
I left my seat, peeped sharping her sword
It’s sharper than sharpie pen
I bet her cup’s sweet, not an investment that’s cheap
My pentacles bit enough to purchase our stock love more than weeks
She deserves all this wisdom I’ve learned and this within solar system to yearn
Open your mind, think free, be thoughtful expensively
I’m unbiased, you too should be
My queen
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