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Lyrics from Stud Country

I done let my high genes be in veins
I done let them sanctify my name
This ain't [?]
Made Jesus p*ss
Just tell 'em I'm on Dolly's list

Oh, I know
I was a crazy ass b*tch
But at least the leather done made for good stories
Call me anything but boring
Messy got nowhere, I heard your lover go
But, darling, don't forget
My obituary better say
"Damn, she left a damn good legacy"
You can blame it all on Tennessee

That's where I learned to drink to get drunk
That's wherе I learned to smoke to gеt high
That's where I learned to work 9 to 5
That's where I swear that mama tried

I'ma crazy ass b*tch, yeah
But I know how to live
And I got the best stories
But you can never say I'm boring
I'm messy, yeah, I know
But I heard y'all love a show
So, f*ck it, here it go
Don't forget though
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