Bash Bandicoon lyrics



[Verse 1: ZelooperZ]
Anything less than a hundred million dollars cash for my talent then
That's just unacceptable
n*ggas sick [?] crouching tiger, hidden dragon
Honey, I shrunk the kid
Runnin’ down keyboard, touching each note 'til I'm famished
Feel like I’m inside a maraca, shake me then I vanish
Feel like I'm inside a ice cube, picture me inside a mansion
She gon' shimmy 'cause I'm good for her, I don't want no boogawolf
I did what [?] can't, reach in mine, the jig is up
Get you polarized, shot through a beam to send you up
Talk to myself like "damn," you got some mo'
Goin’ hard to me ain’t optional, it just all I know
They keep tellin' mе I’m fire so I stop, drop, and roll
Roll me in a rug, throw me off a boat
b*tch don't pull & tug
Go for what you know
n*ggas think thеy f*ckin' with me, that sh*t preposterous
You better off in the jungle, ridin' on a rhinoceros
If I clap, it’s gon' sound like ram's horns
She suck my sack then I bust on her dashboard
Yeah, that's even harder

[Verse 2: Danny Brown]
Your reality is augmented if you think you authentic (Style!)
My spinach got balsamic vinaigrette, get me a check (Yeah)
They up next, they upset (Go!), they don't play, that's suspect
I'm so good, I scare myself (Uh), like a roach with that flashlight (Yeah)
I look so good when I touch myself (Uh), find out what the head like (Uh)
Mama said I wouldn't rap tight so I rap like my life ain't tight (Yeah)
Lord knows I ain't livin' right (Style!), now it's scratch that like head lice
It's Bruiser, b*tch, upside your head (Bru), gotta thoroughbred, gotta throw your head
If I tell it too, (Uh-huh), I'm tellin' you (Uh-huh), keep your mouth closed, won't tell you (Uh-huh)
Got blow paranormal activities, make your favorite ghost get rid of me (Woo)
Jiggle titty me (Uh), When she next to me
Whisper sweet nothin' in the ear, now she wanna have sex with me (Uh-huh)
No checkin' me all your recipes (Style!), In Italy French kissin' me
It's like every month for me is black history (Go!)
So I think I have a dream with two queens on that king-size (Yeah)
What, you tryna kick knowledge, n*gga, like you on the corner sellin' bean pies (Yeah)
So by any means necessary, blame it on I need commissary (Uh-huh)
On sight whenever, n*gga, we beef forever like Tom & Jerry
(Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go)
[Outro: ZelooperZ]
My name Walter Williams and this will stand for worldwide
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