A$AP Ant

"Nba Live 2005"

My raps, I give you the bible
DC shooter I sniper you
I did not drive, I fly through
f*ck this place, get the whole pot through
I got the gun for survival
I am oozing, I never recycle
L.E.S. coming arrival
sh*t a new drug, he does on motorcycles
Incredible, look at my decimals
She shoot my di*k like an edible (Eat it)
Hop on it-up, we make a miracle
n*gga they talk, I am more lyrical
Cleaning the Glock with the serial (I clean it)
Trapping the forest bear
Vest by Montclair
[?] I don't share
He turned Muslim, he grew a beard
Ball park by the [?]

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