"Live from the Excerpts"

[Verse 1: DEADPAN]
Do they love me, do they not?
Weight could tip the shoulders, go above to tie the knot
Wringing out the holiness, rosaries pop
Stop condoning the cops roaming the block
Feeling bolder for rolling in stones and rocks
Ambivalent to ICE ‘cause your kid isn’t living in fright
In the middle of the night gripping my gripes
Dripping in vices, plight is frivolous prices
Left to little devices
Fighting with the flight attendant while I write amendments just to heighten tensions
I’m a strike-supporting, life-shortening, class-warfare-inciting organizer-slash-rapper who doesn’t like attention, boring
Metal tips on the stacked bricks, tattooed, screeching
ACAB gleaming, Conan-watchers weeping
Stroll away, earbuds AKAI SOLO
Street thesis bleeding, beaming

[Verse 2: Shaskuh & DEADPAN]
Celebrate the life I live but my nights dreamless
Getting right with this spliff
Believe me I hate being depressed, but, sh*t, I’m in Jersey
Mercury elements serve me (breathe ‘em in)
Cataclysms start to unfold, let’s make a toast
Bombay in the cauldron, hit the high note
My ginseng Arizona
Then rob a four mix and Jack with Cherry Cola
Memory hazy, wildflower pushing up daisies
My accolades never getting reinstated
You like it, we made it
Coconut oil in the basement
I don’t think, just listen
At the kitchen sink, soda mix made it glisten
f*ck your conceptions
I get home with the flask empty
Survive with no directions, precious
That your little styles be contending for the trending
We represent the opposite of cold-blooded engines
Government control through material retention
DEADPAN and Shalashaska coming with a vengeance
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