Sal Houdini

"It’s yours"

No need to tempt me I'ma do it for sure
No need to test me I ain't losin' I know
I got the Bentley 2 door
I'm drivin' by your crib, can you tell me are you home?
We'll whip around the BQE go wear your new clothes
Reservations at Cipriani table for 2 please
Whole time I'm thinkin' let me get you out that 2 piece
I'ma do it for sure
I'm tryin' to hit it, you could ride me, you could get it for sure
I'm tryin' to get you even though the boy got women and all
I'll lose connection with these b*tches, no more pus*y galore
I know you not someone to feel insecure
We go to SoHo get Chanel from your Sephora rewards
We get you somethin' where you look like you just stepped out of Forbes
I'm no pretender shawty, there ain't nothin' I can't afford
We go wherever little mami, this is for you, it's yours
Go 'head enjoy what we have, it's yours

Flower child been workin' out, you tired out
Drivin' miles, workin' hours, and eatin' out
Who takes care of you when you feelin' down?
Who listens to you when you screamin' out?
Who's there when you can't sleep and all these YouTube videos that you watch don't seem to be helpin' out?
Who calms you down when you gettin' wild?
Who sticks around when you gettin' loud?
Don't put me in a position where I got to show you how cold my heart really can get
Don't make me make a decision I know that I'll regret
Get rid of all your suspicions, shawty this dog a vet
You f*ckin' up the whole vision when you play hard to get
Give me permission, my keys in your ignition, hot and fresh out the kitchen
Really don't see no competition with these guys
Trust me it's lovely when you mean all your goodbyes
And you free your mind, so free your mind for me

Say everything that's mine is yours
Say that you're mine so I know it's a go
Independent, don't you get lonely when you're all alone?
Do you ever miss me when I'm gone for too long?
I know we got other plans right now
I'll probably be in France right now
I know that we're still friends right now
But I can pull up in a benz right now
And I can scoop you from your ends right now
We could f*ck, we could bang right now
I know exactly where we stand right now
Don't give a f*ck I'm not your man right now
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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