Don Toliver


I'm wakin’ up early, time tickin' on my clock (Yeah, yeah)
I pop out the house, I hop in the whip, the block is hot (Hot, hot)
I made a mess on aisle 3, I'm needin’ a mop (Slippy)
I don't know where the hell I'd be without that job
"I ran out already" (Yes sir), call me for selly (Uh)
pus*y wet like it's spaghetti (Woah), bend that over, give me heady
Color of cash, it should be Fendi, and all my hoes be petty
They all know who they daddy, I'll jump right on that jetty

Think they ask me ([?]), "Like how long you lasting?" (Yeah)
I melt it in a casket (Oh)
I lovе when we get nasty (Yеah)
Google me, I'm fantastic
My middle name is Zackery
Left her out at Zaxby's
Those cameras kept attackin' me (Hmm-mmm-mmm)
Turned your back on (Ooh, back)
I gotta get back on
I need all revenge (Oh-oh)
But I won’t lack on ’em
I seen her right through the lens (Oh, ooh)
Go hit me a lick and go hop in the Benz
f*ck it, it is what it is (Yuh, ooh)
It comfort my heart, what I do for the kids
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