Laura Les

"​eenie meenie minie moe/tiger*"

[Intro: Dylan Brady]
Eeenie meenie minie moe
Catch a tiger by its toe
If he hollers, let him go
Eeenie meenie minie moe
Eeenie meenie minie moe
Catch a tiger by it's toe
If he hollers, let him go
Eeenie meenie minie moe

[Bridge: Dylan Brady]
Goin' on a journey to be the best one
And you are not it, and you are nothing!

[Verse: Laura Les]
I'm just a tiger
I never asked for you to come pick me up
But you just picked me up, like
Caught me by the big toe, not even a good trick
Feeling really stupid, how did I go into that?

I don't even like Ford, I just wanna go home
Woke up in my bathroom, where did all my clothes go?
Found them in the trash can, probably my downfall

Maybe I should sneak out, maybe I don't even care
Made it to my car ok and I don't think they saw me
Looking at my phone and there's a text message, "Call me"

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