​renzo (VHS)


[Chorus: renzo]
Man I’m sick
Of these motherf*ckers
Prayin' on my downfall
Yea the stacks short
5’3 but my di*k tall
f*ckin' your opinions
Middle finger crimson
Spirit gun to the head
Into the next dimension

[Verse 1: renzo]
Napoleon complex, goliath ego
Swatting round Davids more consistent than a free throw
Spittin' with that kimchi breath call it heat flow
Intimidation passive, got ability like Luxio
Typin verses like a mothaf*ckin’ 9-5
Office space in the dome
Endless like a word file
Bakugo spittin' like the saliva was nitrile
f*ckin' b*tches 'till the city limits, call it 8 mile
Murder kitty
That’s why PETA
Hate me
Castrate me
Do 'em dirty like a young
Pat swayze
I'm that crazy
But I never let the pus*y sway me
Fools hating
But the numbers talkin' different lately
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