DON’T FEEL+ lyrics


Slutty Sonny

[Intro: sl*tty Sonny]

[Verse: sl*tty Sonny]
How am I supposed to feel
Don't feel, don't feel
How am I supposed to feel
Don't feel, don't feel
There's no time for oblivious f*ckers
I don't got time for any of these f*ckers
Don't see, going on a pledge headed over me
Who's better? Its a question that never applied to me, f*ck with me
But if any wanna compete with my stuff
b*tches scary, plotting, and I only need myself
Hit up a hit, to be on it
Eight-to-eight plethora, twirl the revolver on top just to show
Disrespecting is a S to ya L
I be in death, when i whip out the dough

[Verse: KiDMUNCH]
I keep chopsticks, you been callin'
I stay with that peter piper, standing out yo house
Good so do what you can
Keep up the day don't be mad, hell nah!
Really fall out yo head, yeah you right, that n*gga ain't [?]
I'm feeling safe, you live in them green [?]
Hell nah i don't wanna sound like Eminem or Hopsin
If you start moshpittin', I'ma hop in
Dance out shordy, Dance out shordy, start poppin'
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