"Nothing To Forgive feat. Rena (League of Legends song - Morgana)"

Didn't ask to see the light of day
We were born without a say
Trying to find your place in all of this
But some lose their way
They say the truth will set you free
But it shackled me like chains
What you do to others willingly
You repay with love or pain

Did you come for absolution?
I have got none left to give
You must find your own solution
Find a reason to forgive
You came looking for atonement
You came looking where I live
I can see right through your intent
I have nothing to forgive

We all battle with our demons
God knows i battled mine
Some trust the law to guide them
Some trust in the divine
I am neither i have never been
I have only been myself
My advice is simply gaze within
Look at others, see yourself
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