Nascar Aloe

"FUCC 12"

[Intro: Burnkas & DrownMili]
Aye, b*tch
f*ck 12 man (Aye aye)
They always say no face no case but
But [?] (Yeah yuh)
Ouu, b*tch, Aye
Huh, Huh, What?
f*ck 12 n*gga (What)
f*ck 12, n*gga f*ck 12
Aye (What?)
All these pus*ys calling 911 (Ouu, Aye, What?)
f*ck 12 they can suck on my c*ck (Huh?)
Huh, They can suck on my c*ck, b*tch (Huh, What?)
f*ck 12 they can suck on my c*ck (Right, Yuh)
They can suck on my c*ck (Aye aye, Yuh)
Yeah yuh, Aye, What?

[Verse 1: Burnkas]
f*ck 12 they can suck on my c*ck huh
I'm grippin' Mac11s all on my block
My AK47 alerting cops (Aye)
These n*ggas getting cleaned, I got that mop, huh
Your shorty is a fiend, I tell her stop, huh
I was in my benz holding 2 Glocks, huh
f*ck the cops, I keep dope in my socks

[Verse 2: DrownMili]
These n*ggas be dead
Wait, They talkin' to feds
I want they [?] just like a [?]
I f*ck your b*tch [?]
Quit all that talkin'
I want your pockets
pus*y boy I want your wallet
n*ggas be stealing the swag they can't jack it
Half of these n*ggas were talkin'
Wait, n*ggas be Bs
I get a knife and i dig
Why is my motherf*ckin' di*k in her ribs
I keep the motherf*ckin' boof in the [?]

[Verse 3: Burnkas]
Always walkin' on the block with the stick
Always catchin' n*ggas talkin' the sh*t
f*ck 12, These n*ggas be snitchin'
n*ggas be rattin', I'm [?]

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