Nascar Aloe


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, reverse that

Warning, warning, warning (Alright)
Warning, warning, warning (Alright)

Off the goddamn porch, uh
Droppin' off my kids on her face like a stork, uh
b*tch-made boy, turn his ass to a corpse
b*tch, I'm Nascar, so you know I got torque, uh
Demon in the flesh, b*tch, I ain't no b*tch
Hand up her dress out in public
Tired of the b*tch, had enough of it
But I bet she still come here and suck the di*k, ayy
I'm a f*ckin' punk, baby, I ain't a gentleman
Now shut the f*ck up and swallow nut like it's cinnamon
I'm only nineteen, but the club still gon' let him in
And if they talkin' sh*t, then my shooters gon' wet 'em then
Ha-ha-ha, in my Helmut Lang
My boy got the glick, and he got good aim
I went to LA, now I'm not the same
But I'm still the devil, b*tch, ain't nothin' changed
But I'm deranged now
I f*ck around and shoot ya whole squad where you hang out
They hate my f*ckin' music, b*tch, they tell me it's way loud
And I would rather have the money, baby, not fake clout
The goofy, I'm the sh*t
AP on my wrist, look like I got the f*ckin' Omnitrix
Walked down Melrose, but don't f*ck wit' OnSomesh*t
Demons in my head, I think I'm really f*ckin' losin' it
She cheated on her man but he a fan, so he was cool wit' it
The pus*y easy for me, all I gotta do is Uber it
Had to hit the b*tch twice because it was exuberant
I'm a punk, b*tch, I am in love with doin' stupid sh*t
And I bet, because this song, they'll put me on the crucifix
f*ckin' b*tch

Warning, warning, warning (Alright)
Warning, warning, warning (Alright)
Warning, warning, warning (Alright)
Warning, warning, warning (Alright)

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