Rygin King


It's ah blessing enuh
I'm ah buy yuh ah mockingbird and mek it sing
If that mockingbird don't sing
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Nah-nah, aye
Yeah dawg
Yeah dawg

Hush mi likkle daughter, yuh father dedicate his love
To you, for you (Oh oh)
Tings tough mi likkle daughter
Mi just ah gwan do di work, mi ah try
Yuh daddy love yuh and yuh better know dat

[Verse 1]
Yesterday I was ah boy, but today I'm ah man now (I'm ah man)
Mi haffi mek it on mi own, and mi need no handout
Mi buy ah link fi yuh, sing fi yuh
Yuh daddy would do anything fi yuh
Nuh bother cry, yuh guh mek daddy cry
Mummy soon come [?]
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