No More Relationships* lyrics


Coi Leray

Lyrics from snippet

I don't understand why, you're so f*cked up inside
Better off walkin' away, you know that it's too late
You know that, these b*tches can't see me, we can take it there
No more n*ggas in the industry, most of these n*ggas weird
I'm most hated, ho's favorite, walk up in your sh*t right in these Bottega's
Road ragin', hop in the all white Benz, the color caucasian
Big trendsetter, come through sh*ttin', b*tches so basic
pus*y get wet just like the sea, this sh*t is so [?]
I could see the future, mе and gang headed straight for greatnеss, that's so [?]
Ain't no one gon' take it, this for all the times we waited
I can't get out your head
'Cause you know when it's dark the sun gon' shine, again, and again, and again
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