Lost me lyrics



Way less bitter and a lot more living
Had to take a pause cause you might not get it
Cut the check I’ll hand you the scissors
Been paying dues for emotional taxing I might cop land just for you to pitch in
Nothing like watching the energy shift when you shifting, so I found the right fix then
Thought I was outta here, took a step back and I learned that I should never stop
Even when I do imma watch you drop, from the (ahh, I don’t like that)
I just been at the crib watching Neighbors and Friends not thinking ‘bout enemies or opps
Only time I really have any is whenever I punch the clock
But jokes aside I had to learn not to lose myself
Sometimes them bad feelings really be showing up too too well
But I prevail, my only fear is failure, not too good to fail
28 by the grace of God recovering from 2-2’s L’s
Jordan and Kobe years was when I was supposed to just breeze these trails
We know what happened 3 years later so I ain’t gotta repeat myself, Don’t be hating on your knees like you recovering from a BBL
And may all them prayers fall on deaf ears if you tryna see me fail

I just think we tryna protect our peace, and if you ain’t leave me be
I just think I’m tryna protect my peace, and if you ain’t then leave me be I said
Slow down there, pimpin - I think you lost me
Way less bitter and a lot more living, blink and you might just miss it
Slow down there, pimpin - I think you lost me
Slow down there, pimpin

Sometimes you gotta take advantage of time even when it’s summertime
What I mean is even when it’s hot as hell outside you gotta compromise
Never thought twice about shade or gossip, gotta let the sun shine
Once upon a time, heart was cold as wintertime when they came for mine
But it’s problem solved, not saying I checked them boxes off
But it’s these kinda bars that let me know, I’m never going soft
Back when rappers’ number one thing to say was they was going hard
Let me know if I should pause cause if I go, I’m going raw
Lemme take it back to going off
At Grandma’s house she a heavy sleeper so when I want it to be known I’m leveling up
I’m dropping lines and making hella shots go off, On the loose you might wanna watch me dog
Who tf gon tell me I ain’t poppin’ off, if you new here I been making this music thing drop its drawls
Been watching yall f*ck up so much it don’t even feel consensual when you drop it off
But yall so all over the place I forgot I’m lost
Brightside - it’s much darker this time, you couldn’t dim my light if you kicked it with a soccer ball

I think you lost me, way less bitter and a lot more living
Blink and you might just miss it
Slow down there pimpin’
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