And Another Thing lyrics



I’m still the same person with some modifications
When you walk the line so long it’s like it comes with impatience
Thought about going kamikaze just to get rid of labels
Or anything I think is offensive when it comes to these statements
That get said to me about how I just wouldn’t be able
To grow into who I became when I stepped out the cradle
Truthfully as time pass I become more and more jaded
Cause when it comes to how I feel, I feel I became greater
And you know how they say you only as fire as your latest
So I know I gotta keep 2 on me in case that this ain’t it
But even then I’m in a zone where I feel more creative
So my output’s a lil different since I did a 180
I had to live a little… and really adjust these pages
Instead of saying that I ain’t about to play with them
I gotta take the role of showing people that I ain’t the one to be played with
Some days be better than others but let’s see where we take it

You never really love love until you love yourself
Emotional riches high priced so I stand on wealth
The goal is to get the paper above all else
And if I go for broke I’m going to get the bucks myself
I’ll gladly spin the block
They try to burst your bubble
But it works out worse for them whenever it pops
I think I did a good job learning some stocks
Cause when it comes to investment I think I got a lot
I done made this too much bout finances
But not too many like to see you do too much expanding
Laughing from a glass house when they coulda bought a mansion
So when a tornado hits they can’t recover from the damage
Took a little while to get me back in the mix
A man of many hats just make sure you get the whole fit
And shoes too, I’m just tryna do some healing and fix
And I ain’t talking body weight when I say that I’m applying pressure from this beanbag that I sit
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