[Intro: Stokely]
Spaghetti n' sh*t

[Verse 1: Stokely]
Yeah, a true planet splitter phobia
Let your phobia undo's damage until your panicking
Soon you're straight away to the dark side, like Anakin
A true abomination, I want domination who can make it
The Terrordome, welcome home to planet Earth
Only the essence, my adolescence provin' my worth
I feel like Bishop, I just wanna drink some minute maid
In a minute I could get slayed, if I drink than it's too late
I hate the champ, leave a little time to pray for Ant
Despiteful chance that two black kids against a duel planet
The father, the servant, this history's written
From the Romans to the Philippians of Great-like-Britain
See your history is legacy and legacy is all you got
Trapped inside the box we're on those rocks to knock you off your block
The Promised Land is where i'm headed
All the kings on Earth be headed
Let the dead reside on the other side, forget the lies

[Verse 2: Stokely]
You n*ggas lyin' the eclipse will feed your fecal minds
But if true love is [?] choose the cage over the octagon
Im the "pick up the cake and off this sh*t like lightnin' rods"
The synagogue's, the world is in my pockets right next to the watch
Yea i'm a scorcher, the young fire bug it's in your yard
You n*ggas ain't even the boss of your planet, you should be gone n*gga (And the Earth is scorched)

[Outro: BROLY500!]
And the Earth is scorched

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