"Everything is mine!"

You got the juice mane

[Verse 1: Stokely]
Thanks for tunin' in, f*ck the welcome committee
You in my city, my vicinity believe me it's plain
I-I live the battle with the bloodshed, with nothing but head
You n*ggas beavers than you corny I ain't talkin' bout my last name
Connections out from Venus, the Venice, the f*ckin' menace
In the skies like a comet, leave a comment, you n*ggas finished
In-In this world, there's hell, there's heaven and all three
It's gonna take [?] to off me
When I die, i'll be known as a slayer, a sacrifice
And these n*ggas they ain't actin right, they influence my influenza
Cold as the f*cking winter, you've been warned to watch your temper
I'm on another level, wendigo woods he ain't a member, n*gga

[Chorus: BROLY500!]
We won't go away, and the sun won't shine
Oh night sky, all white in my eyes
It's only you and I, but i'm happy in the skies

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