"Self Destruct/ It’s Still 500"

Part I

[Verse 1]
Lately I've been realized that things are not what it seems
Allusive intent, loose of percent
Serpus wicked surface, stomach churning
Ways of my sins, luckily I swim so I currently got it
I-I I mean I swim but...
You know what I'm saying
So I guess you can say that I'm entitled
Don't mind me, I plan to self-destruct within 24 hours (24 hours)
(24 hours)
(24 hours on my..)

24 hours 'til my self-destruction
24 hours 'til my self-destruction

*Beat Switch*
Part II

[Verse 2]
As the pages turn, my age is 19
The mind severs murder
The lights get dim, a better know your inner-circle
It's a little chilly so it's here to keep you warm
Don't get too close
Blast in your arm
I mean I get it and I understand
Regardless of the circus dance, merely just a man
It's an eye for an eye but imma take your hands
I'm 5 double-o, b*tch, who's your mans?
It's 500, bass boosting, heel flipping, kill switching
Heart racing, top contestant (yeah)
And I'm not frightened
Not your front touch when all my brother's crew come down
Strike like some lightning
Who am I? A n*gga
With the powers of Poseidon, hunt you down, Arrian
Redefine "the Beast from the East", I'm a monster

(I'm a monster)

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