"Watch Dogs"

Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah

Watch how i shoot like a photo
Put him on ice like rozone
Rob a n*gga like rob tell him to go home
How the n*gga trapping but he got no zone

Bullets flying make him run out his (?)
In the trenches E.T (?)
n*ggas mad i'm f*cking his girl
pus*y wet hurricane whirlwind
Catch him at the (?)
He tucking his shirt in
Where you at halmes im getting these perks in
You ain't from the hood you ain't putting work in
Reload the bag this time put dirt in it
b*tch you not dumb
(?) bow wow
I f*ck on your b*tch from the back with her face down
Hk sk make something shake now
b*tch whos you got pus*y n*gga now break down
Got a big chopper make him do the break dance
n*ggas spin around he getting a spray tan
I'm in the trap im getting these plays in
Off a bar now i'm hitting some ray bans
Big mac b*tch i ain't talking mcdonalds
Devinci my coat it cost your whole
In the trap with lil leak
And they see all this money so then they want follow

I look like a school shooter im poppin my collar
I told her hey shooter she told me hey arnold
I let the chopper sing but this is not goggles
Im stepping in gucci designer

(?) ugh macy's
He said he got the bag ugh brace him
Kids on the (?) i made that b*tch taste them
I call up xanman he ain't racing

Stomped down on the plug, base him
Ima walk down i feel like jayson tatum
That lil n*gga would shoot if you shake him
f*ck a gun plug My grandfather make them

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