"Grew Tall"

[Hook: Xanman]
I’m picking U-Haul
Same sh*t like i’m Santa, you Rodolph
f*ck your rapper on the stage he got booed off
You call him a shooter, we call him a goofball
Your trap jumping like a princess with two frogs
She say she want a club, b*tch I don’t do golf
Lexus coupe, in the street we gon cruise off
Lil Xan on the block, still the same but I grew tall

[Verse 1: Xanman]
You think he bullet proof, b*tch you ain’t Young Dolph
I’m in the water bullets travel like young dolphin
Chopper get to clappin’, sh*tting out the plaza
Slide with a Drake like that n*gga on Uncharted
Run that sh*t back now i’m feeling like (?)
I been doing this sh*t since the Glenarden Apartments
I saw a (?)
We ain’t tweeting sh*t, ima shoot you we done talking
Brr, Hola Amigo, f*ck is you Mexican?
Got locked for six months, still ain’t no evidence
Internet n*ggas need keyboard edicate
Don’t pack me a stick, ‘cause you know i’m not cooling it
No sticks in my (?) ‘cause i’m really using it
What’s the point? I’m flexing it dog you not shooting it
Boy that’s in my opinion
Illegal sticks, we not having no license with it
On the hating sh*t you
On some hating sh*t, you don’t like me but still like a picture
Don’t get shot ‘cause Twitter try sicing it
I was just hitting on his b*tch the other night
I’m strong esh*t, i’ll stab you with a butter knife
That n*gga not a shooter, he just a runner type
50 rounds just to see what the drum like
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