Wish I Knew lyrics



Huh, Hey shootbaby
(Hello? Xanman?)
I-I wish I knew that, you know what I'm sayin', I wish I knew a lot
Ooh, ooh, huh (Hey Turk, Sparkheem)

[Verse 1]
Rifle got hair and triggers, I just bought her a wig
I love what she do when she get in that bed
Rob a n*gga, we just shot him instead
Not a family guy, but my b*tch look like Meg
Yeah, none of these n*ggas don't shoot
I'm droppin' that sh*t off MW2
If I get highed up, you can catch me off goop
This Drac' got real wood, they call me Groot
I told you, if this b*tch cheat, I'ma kill her
This b*tch got a mind of it's own like Matilda
f*ck I look like buying guns when I build 'em?
Hol', grab the Glock right there, I'ma leave him
Walk down with that Drac', it's that season
Alvin and the Chipmunks, b*tch, I'm Ian
Put the F in the [?] feel like Fajita
Cut ties with a b*tch like Kanye did Adidas

[Verse 2]
Yeah, I wish I knew that this Drac' 'bout to hit him
I wish you knew that I was talkin' to b*tches
Twenty-five in the clip, it's like Christmas
He tried to cross me but he ain't Christian
I'm a f*ck n*gga, I'm not for GloRilla
I take all the sh*t like a picture
I poured a whole six in a pitcher
Functional drug addict, I'm addicted
Give me that Fentanyl, this sh*t hittin'
Give me that b*tch number, I'ma hit her
Feelin' like [?], n*gga, I'm not a [?]
f*ck n*gga got Veneers, we knock out them dentures
n*gga, what's up with all that tippin'?
Catch him down bad, he [sit in his britches?]
None of these n*ggas not trappin'
Wipe the blood off my shirt with a Popeyes napkin
I ain't totin' no ghost, this manufactured
Could've made a move with the .40, what happened?
Can't believe what I made off a five dollar mattress
I been lookin' for blood like Morbius, Dracula
Got purple tips in my gun, look like lavender
I ain't saving no b*tch, this not Greys Anatomy
I pulled out the stick, he like rap battling
Too sharp with the gun, I could shoot out a cavity
My dawg still selling that Scooby like Daphne
Put three in his head like a triple-a battery
I wish you knew how I feel, no hope
Put his head on the fridge like a suicide note
That n*gga not shootin', ain't lettin' no stick go
Her head was so good that I came in like six strokes
Glock 7/11, get killed for a big gulp
Look up to Ted Bundy, they call me a sicko
Yeah, let's see who spinnin' this sh*t like a disco
Let's see who make n*ggas duck like limbo
High off that Fentanyl, done hit a lamppost
I wish these b*tches had somethin' to stand for
I put a band on his head like Masenko
b*tch-ass n*gga ain't lettin' no Drac' go
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