Lil Keke

[Intro: Tobe Nwigwe]

[Verse 1: Tobe Nwigwe]
My hood full of cases like the Redbox
And everything be Gucci 'til them feds knock
Got the rap game in that headlock
And I'm tryna make classic moves like a leg drop, ooh
Off top like a guillotine, the speech is mean
And I deem anything you glean to be fit for kings, ooh
Or queens if you female, I prevail
'Cause I got the wife who pray in detail and keep shells
And a pistol strapped to her like seatbelts 'cause we felt
She should tote a banger if shе need help
Look, my Coretta pack Berеttas and'll sleep well
Puttin' somethin' in a dread head like a seashell, ooh
But we non-violent, word to Martin (I have a dream)
Unless they get to sparkin', then we ain't for marchin' (I have a dream)
I only spit the life I live so it ain't alarmin' (I— I— I—)
That you never get a character whenever I'm performin' (I— I— I have a dream)
Most these rappers soft as Charmin, but that ain't me
Can't be, I'm from where the killas and the gangs be
Thank me later for not switchin' up or changing
I'm on my Biggie mixed with Prince, purple rain thing, ooh
[Chorus: Tobe Nwigwe]
Purple rain thing
Purple rain thing
I'm on my Biggie mixed with Prince, purple rain thing, sing, Dave
Yeah, yeah
Please make some noise for the legendary Lil Keke

[Verse 2: Lil Keke & Tobe Nwigwe]
Purple rain when I stain, drippin' lavender
I'm in the coupe this morning without a passenger
They see me low to the floor, yes, I'm a scavenger
These rappers dodging the don just like a challenger
Real veteran on the slab, not a amateur
Hold it down all four seasons like a calendar
Yeah, my lights is bright, my hazards blinkin'
I'm Martin Luther Black in my JFK Lincoln
Legendary freestyle game, high roller
Why you think they call me the king, the crown holder?
Houston, Texas, lovin' my city, what a place
.45 tucked to the side for just in case
Born in the heart of the gutter where it's filthy
We raised to hold court in these streets, not guilty
It's purple rain when I walk on red carpet
Drive the blue Bentley, green leaf, spark it
Boppers start shoppin' as soon as I valet park it (That's right)
Young, Black, handsome, and rich, oh, he a target
Tell 'em come see me when I sold out the venue
I'm never out the race 'cause the marathon continues, church
[Chorus: Tobe Nwigwe & Lil Keke]
Purple rain thing (Rain thing)
Purple rain thing, ooh, purple rain thing
I'm on my Biggie mixed with Prince, purple rain thing, sing, Dave
Purple rain thing
Purple rain thing, ooh (Purple rain thing)
I'm on my Biggie mixed with Prince, purple rain thing

[Outro: Tobe Nwigwe]
Y'all, make some noise for Lil Keke
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