"Ice Cold"

I'm ice cold (I'm ice cold, I'm ice cold...)
Ice Cold freestyle, we gon' do one take

I’m on a streak like Joe DiMaggio
Turning penny stocks into a milly, no DiCaprio
Up is where I have to go, been walking on this path so long
Step into Marshallés, and whatever's in my bag look like a fashion show
Never had expensive taste, ate whatever’s on my plate
Worn the same 11 shirts I had since like 2008, that’s no cap
Serving sh*t like Novak
In the zone like Toe drags
If money on the line, I’m playing phone tag
The flow crack, how come everybody off the Prozac?
Panic's at the disco, they be bugging where the strobes at
So chill dog, y’all not with kings, we on the hilltops (b*tch!)
Got the chamber loaded, peep the scope, give me the kill shot
Don’t pill pop, bargain till the bill drop
If you don’t think that I’m the f*cking illest, get your sh*t rocked
Cuz this got triple platinum odds
Starting the moment that this sh*t drop
I had to buy a watch because it all starts here on TikTok
Some ad I saw the other day
I guess my mind just run away
Need me frosted wrists, but not the kind that comes from punching cakes
Over-served and underpaid
But one day they gone be awake
Even when seasons change, I keep my vision clear as day
I want all my roses when I’m here today, no minutes late
This skill I hold is vicious, can’t you tell? I mean just hear the flames (Woo!)
Beat took 7 minutes, and these verse maybe 58
This the part where I can yell out "skrrrttt" just like we screeching brakes
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