[Intro: K Suave]

[Chorus: K Suave]
Wake up in the morning, tryna figure out which whip I wanna drive today
I was broke, couldn't afford no trips, now it been an average day
Baby girl moving too fast on me, I told her it's not a race
I just spent three racks on a coat, just look what the tag say
Park the whip, it gon' valet
Hurry up, I am not waiting
All my hunnies, they caucasian
She got me added to her playlist
Just look at me now
When she sad, make her smile
She want keys to the house
I want keys to your mouth

[Verse: Autumn!]
Woke up, tryna figure out which whip I wanna drive today
Which b*tch I'ma slide today
She wanna f*ck all kind of ways
He cannot beat me, it is not a race
He tryna be me, get him out the way
She wanna f*ck the entire day
Oh you wanna link, what time today?
We got chops on standby
.223 or the .45
He want some beef, go to Five Guys
She ain't tryna link, told her bye-bye
Ain't tryna f*ck if you miles high
[?] high-five
This money falling like a skydive
Still can't pick the whip I'm tryna drive
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