"How im coming"

You bad for my health I just hang by myself
You move to the right while I move to the left
Imagine how I felt asking my daddy for help
He never did help I just got it on my own
Family gave me sh*t I just told em they was wrong
Now they call my phone, I just don't pick up the phone
I hope you understand that I really feel alone
I hope you understand that I want to be left alone (uh)
How could I love you, I don't even love myself?
And when I'm feeling sad I don't even ask for help
Sometimes I call my friends and sometimes I go and (?)
The feelings mutual she got it all up on her belt
I'm not weird, baby this is just how I feel
No point to lie to you I just wanna be real
You really broke my heart
Tear it all apart
And when you go now
Please don't go too far (uh)

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