"Game Over"

[Verse 1]
You don't really need no n*gga
I don't really need no hoe
Just chillin', hit my do'
Make them come back fo' mo'
And I know I'm always late
But it's better late than never
We can chill up by the lake
We can do these drugs whenever
And you do yo thing
And you do yo thing
Always say my name
I've been switchin' lanes
You can do what you want
Get me through this pain
I wouldn't say you would
Baby say my name

[Verse 2]
f*ck with a n*gga, that's facts
Don't feel bad cuz I'm countin' them racks
Why [?] tit for tat
She wanna link, I don't trust that b*tch
Don't slow down please, suck on that di*k
I'm not happy, I'm still not rich
My big bro, he don't play that sh*t
He gon' come with that blick, he gon' flip that brick
Still in the bed, I'm sick
I don't complain, I just go get
Look at yo b*tch, she f*ck with the fit
I'ma stand tall, the door I'ma hit
Not baseball, that's not what I meant
I'ma go harder, can't follow my dance
She a lil evil, she don't know repent
She a lil evil, she don't know re-
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