Melanie Martinez

"Numbers (Cover)"

[Verse 1]
Count up your portion, count up your checks
Feeding your fam while you're comin' at my neck
When you gonna freeze with the cool dramatics?
I'm not inspired by your foolish practice
Butter your bullsh*t, set up your fence
I'm just the chicken givin' you the egg
Soon you're gonna see that your breath was wasted
Don't speak too soon on your doubts, you're making
A big deal out of a little thing

Why should I try to conform to formulated paths, when
Clearly all my instincts led to something more magical?

Am I just a number? 'Cause it seems like that's your goal
You push us past our limits just to watch decimals grow
Oh, I need a reason why I'm looked at like a joke
Until I prove you wrong like I've done timе and time before, and
All your idlе teachings and your criticism lack
The potential to penetrate my solid golden path
To decide what my future is, I'm my own clairvoyant
There's no controlling me, imagination on ascend

[Verse 2]
Take me to Venus, let me explode
I'm ready to pop like a volcano
Jump over me like you're playing hot lava
Emotions on one hundred thousand, who's gonna
Shake me like soda creme? But of course
Use all your words to distract from the source
Of where all the growth on the paper happens
Leave me alone in my own concoction
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