Maze lyrics


Melanie Martinez

I said "Don't mean to bother"
You're probably working
Just wanna say sorry
Just wanted some time for me, mmm-mmm
But I put my hand out
You didn't shake on it
You left me abandoned
And nothing will soothe the pain, mmm-mmm

Sometimes I feel like you just wanna see me on edge
And suffering through it
What is the point of this game?
You're right and I'm always to blame
And it's just a matter of time
Before all of my patience becomes aggravation
Taking for granted my love
Making me feel like it's a

Maze, I'm crawling out the walls
You're stalling, holding me up in your hands
Just call me, said "I'm sorry"
But you just wanna see me crawling
Dazеd, I can't find my center, it's lost
And you're playing powеr moves, that's naughty
What are we if you won't even bother talking?
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