[Chorus: Breana Marin]
Twenty-four-seven, I've been workin' overtime
Ain't got that much to show for it
Still had to sell my soul for it
Just to get by

Twenty-four-seven, I've been workin' overtime
Ain't got that much to show for it
Still had to sell my soul for it
Just to get by

[Verse 1: SadBoyProlific]
I would sell my soul for this sh*t if I f*ckin' had one
Lately, they been tryna rob my wave like I'm the captain
I'm taking all the pain inside my brain and then adaptin'
I'm comin' out my basement, make my way up to the attic
Spew it and then let it rip
Screw your whole damn regiment
I'm the captain of this rap ship, Where's my f*ckin' letterman?
Demons have been screamin' and pleadin' for me to let 'em in
If you think you're better, you're funny like David Letterman
Only time I push the nine-to-five is in the studio
They see that I'm sick as f*ck and they don't have the antidote
Tryna see my placement, swear to God, they need a telescope
Only fifteen, you ain't ever seen a kid this dope
Never countin' L's, yea, we only counting dividends
The game is just another b*tch that the kid is slippin' in
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