"Inner Demons ft. Sadboyprolific (Prod. Origami)"

The fact I'm alive today
Is all thanks to God
Sending (?) my way
Luckily I'm safe
My soul is safe
From the evil things in space
I wore a mask on my face
I will not cave, I will not stand to (?)

[Verse One: Rey-Infinite]
Time has been passing, my mind has some traffic
I'm numb in emotion, aggressively passive
These thoughts in my head are making me saddened
But I will not fold, I'm not paper, won't have it
I'm rapping these thoughts through this music
I'm passing, the passion is tragic, still laughing like magic
The pain that I'm masking, it's harder to hide
The fact that I'm mentally dying inside
Throw away love and throw away pride
Then you will start to eventually find
That you are slowly losing your mind
Still keep a smilе and try to unwind
Keep others happy, just keep up the lie
I am not fakе, it's just demons I hide
Sadness is present heart openly cries
But I will not show it before I will die
All of these thoughts in my head, it's true madness
Demons feel weakness and want the advantage
Bluntly, my demons translate to the past
It's eating away at my life, kick and grasp it
It's so difficult just to reach up and grab it
But I won't give up 'til my breath's at it's last and
I overcome all of my demons and pass 'em
Thanking the Lord for my time everlasting
Writing this down on a pen and a pad
It helps me cope with the stress that I have
Lately, I've been so depressed but I am
Hopefully passing that stage as I land
Back on the ground as I relearn to stand
Take a step back and just know I'm the man
f*cked up but I'm doing all that I can
Hands up to fight as I sink in the sand
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