"Take Me to Heaven feat. SadBoyProlific, Bubblegum & Flwrs. (Prod. by brkn.ear)"

[Verse One: Sad Canadian Boy}
Feels so right to get lost up in your eyes
(?) light, eternal skies
Perfect love will be my demise
Take me to front gates, I'm on a mission
Living love, counting my blessings
Your love takes me to Heaven

[Verse Two: Sadboyprolific]
Yeah, I'm not real religious, but loving you is heavenly
And lately, I've been feeling like us meeting must be destiny
You're angelic, your perfection makes it evident
I'll usе these words to paint a picture just to usе as evidence
Halo atop your head, wings stretched glistening
Every time you open your mouth everyone starts listening
Teeth shine and sparkle more than a diamond ring
You're truly beautiful, I mean it with these words I sing

[Verse Three: Bubble Gum & Flwrs.]
Hold me, dear, if I shed tears
Even if I'm suffering
Do you know the
Peace you bring

[Verse Four: Sad Canadian Boy}
I'm trying to let go of my sins
Leave these chains and spread my wings
Won't you show me how to begin
'Cause I used to listen to the devil
But I think that I have learned my lesson
Please let me in Heaven
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