"Aidan x teqkoi x sadboyprolific - addicted to your love (ft. darkforestdrives"

[Verse One: darkforestdrives]
I close my eyes and I see you smile
I guess you could stay there for a while
I'm dreamin', I'm dreamin'
Dreamin' of you

The simple way that you would hold my hand
The simple way that you would understand
I miss it, I miss it

[Verse Two: Sadboyprolific]
Roll up a spliff for every time that I wish that I didn't exist
sh*t, feel like a b*tch, I want to die in a ditch
And they told me that I was stupid, foolish
To ever think that I could do it, (?) it
Now I be up at the top
I just wish that I could fall
Waiting for the day that I'm gonna drop
I wish that this pain would stop
The reaper is up at my door and he's tryna knock
I won't let him in but when I die don't you act like you shocked
Feel like I'm Jesus so nail me right up on the cross
I'm not the one you should cross
I throw this sh*t down the field like lacrosse
Damn, sipping that water, you know that it's Voss
And they told me that I'd grow up and I'd have a boss
I'd be up inside the cubicle feeling like I had just lost
Now look at everything that I have got
Told myself death was the end of the plot
I got my hand in the pot, I'm not gon' fail
I'm not gon' sit down and die and then rot
I'm looking up and I'm sending these shots
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