"Sadboyprolific x Yung Shinra BLACK ICE [Prod. King Taylor]"

[Verse One: Sadboyprolific}
Heart broke, b*tch, that's on my grave
I just want to die today
Shy away from the sun's rays
If you fake, we cannot hang
They been saying that we crazy
Ay, remember those days that we skipped school on the train tracks?
Asking "Yo, where the blaze at?"
Passing the blunt, gotta blaze that
Way that I ball, should play for the Clippers
Diamonds been flashing just like they a stripper
Tell me who been talking that sh*t
Come catch your (?) a fist
I'll take your b*tch with no effort
Talk sh*t online, I'll hit your ass with that stretcher
Hiding in the grass to see all them snakes
Half of my friends been acting so fake
Texting this girl but she actin' distant
Imma be at the top with no resistance
So f*ck any rapper that's been tryna end me
I'm just gonna pass the mic off to Kenji

[Verse Two: Yung Shinra]
Up in the night, I come alive
Demon or angel, I'll let you decide
I'm one with the dark so deep in the light
Trust is dead, love ain't real
Sell my soul, I'll pay the price
One of seven billion sinners and I hope I'm next to die
Devil in my head, screamin' load the thirty-eight
(?) paint my walls in red
Said I'm ready, nothing left for me
Nothing's left of me
Walk a dead life
Cold-hearted, no more "next time"'s
I'm so out my mind, leave you petrified
Shawty, I'm a madman
You could never understand, I don't make amends
Money over everything, over everything
I don't trust anybody, now I'm f*cking dead ,yeah
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