"Void (feat. Sadboyprolific x Ali_Must_Die) [prod. draffish]"

[Verse One: piece]
Laying in bed with a hand on my blade
Piece with one I like my first name is Slade
b*tch I'm a barber I'm dishing out fades
Better watch what you say cause I know where you stay
Money so long like a brand new green limo
Diamonds all on me like I am from Sinnoh
Fakes changing faces they're all f*cking dittos
My squad full of sharks, y'all a school full of minnows
Black shoes and black whip and black supreme sweater
Like that girl too much it's too bad I met her
Now my heart dry like the Mojave desert
The sky looking stormy cause I change the wеather
Bars hit like lightning I'm Zeus in thеn cut
Semtexes flying blow up when you stuck
Girl hit me up but I know she a sl*t man
She at my door begging for me to come f*ck
Say she a thot, but I doubt that she think
RIP to Lil Peep, I might dye might hair pink
Twenty One Pilots, I'll drown in the sink
I got ice on my wrist like I'm running a rink
Barely skate by but I don't give a sh*t
Seven drinks in and I ain't even lit
Bong like a Beyblade, I just let it rip
Got a Glock to my head with just one in the clip
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