Vict Molina


It's been countless times
That I've told myself
I didn't feel a thing for you
When I was sitting all alone
On my bed, thinking about you
And how you made me feel
In a way I've never felt before
When I was sitting all alone
On my bed, thinking about you

[Verse 1]
Feels I'm talking with myself inside a padded room for days, until my eyes are bloody red, my heart is beating out of pace
I haven't spoken out as much and kept myself in distant range to keep the others far away from the curses that I attain from these moments I feel rain paint the anguish
Language lost, I toss within a rage, set timing aside, as I run on ahead
When I don't have much, feels I'm hanging by a thread

Everyone feels so mechanical
How can I feel as compatible
I, been in my head since the hospital, bled out to sleep to awake to the proximal
I'm putting as myself as responsible
I, run on away, keep my optical locked on the road that I roamed through the volatile
I'm losing myself, I'm a rolling stone

(And how you make me feel)
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