Try not to sing The Kid LAROI verson White Wolf lyrics



Okay, I realize now, I finished us before we begun-un-un
I'm done, so done, I'm done with all the games you play
I'm numb, so numb, I'm numb to all the pain you bring
I'm tryna figure this all out for myself
I don't need you or nobody else, I'm done, so done
So done, so done, so done, so done, I'm done
Now I'ma be savage
But you made it happen
And you made a habit
I get it now
I wonder what happened
I thought we would last 'til we turn into ashes
Burnin' and crashin'
Why can't I get past it?
Why can't I get past?
Damn, girl, you changed up the best way
I just feel sorry for my next onе
'Cause I'ma be selfish
I'm gon' bе selfish
And no one can change my mind
No one can help me
Oh, I'm gon' be selfish
I'm gon' be selfish
And no one can change my mind
No one can help me
Oh, I'm gon' be
Help me
You cannot help me
Oh-oh-oh, oh
I'm confused, what you want me to do?
b*tch don't tell me that you love me, we both know that isn't true
You say I got all these hoes but I know you got others too
I'll be right here on my own until you come tell me the truth
Conversations in my head
Thinkin' 'bout what I should've said
And I know you're still around
But, oh girl, took me a day
And I know you sit at night
When you're alone and you're in your bed
Thinkin' 'bout just what we could've been
You cut out a piece of me, and now I bleed internally
Left here without you (no, no, no), without you (ooh, ooh)
And it hurts for me to think about what life could possibly be like
Without you (no, no, no), without you (no, no)
I can't believe that you wouldn't believe me
f*ck all of your reasons
I lost my sh*t, you know I didn't mean it
Now I see it, you run and repeat it
And I can't take it back, so in the past is where we'll leave it, uh
Whoa, whoa, whoa
Perky with the lean, it got me slow, slow, slow
And yeah, I know I made a few mistakes before
But you know I ain't f*cking with these hoes no more
Won't let go
I'm the type to show you that you're too special
Please don't be the type to hate the things I do
And I'll ride for you, and I'll die for you
I'ma slide for you
And I should slide for you
And that's my biggest problem, in denial 'bout you
Tonight, I'll go open up the night for you
Probably die for you, f*ck around and lie for you
Probably cry for you
What's the call?
In love with the money, it's 'f*ck 'em all'
You f*cked on my bro, I can't f*ck with ya
I don't want her, unless she gon' do the dawgs
I got everything I ever prayed for
Lil' shawty gon' suck it right through the draws
R.I.P. to the ones I forever lost
R.I.P. to the money, I ran it up
Yeah, on and on, she go on and on, on, on
b*tch, get up off my motherf*ckin' phone, phone, phone
I'll be Speaker Knockerz, get these bands on my lone, lone, lone
I collect the check then f*ck it up, woah, woah, woah, woah
Yeah, I miss the way that this sh*t used to be
f*cking famous hoes in California, this sh*t new to me
They say that I changed since I got money, well that's news to me
'Cause through all the bullsh*t that they threw
I still stayed true to me and that's truthfully
Through all the lies and the scrutiny
Through all the times that they used to be
Talkin' down on my name, now they wanna come around, but they ain't new to me
I used to think you was everything
Now you not even cool to me
I used to think you was everything
Yeah, that's how I used to be
And you cannot say that I didn't try to make time
But I guess time away got you in your brain
Thinking about my mistakes
I don't got the time to waste
I'm sorry, I can't be the me you wanted
I'm about to fall, then you're all in
I'm not the one to solve your problems (no, no)
'Cause I'm f*cked up too-oo-oo-oo-oo
Wastin' all my time with you-u-u-u-u
Wishin' I was someone new-ew-ew-ew-ew
Stuck up in my ways and you say that you hate it, but
You always knew
That lil' b*tch a diva, f*ck and leave her
My life is a movie directed by Tarantino
Shawty is a dancer, I'm not talking Billie Jean, hoe
Oh, whoa, f*ck, we know, I swear I hate these hoes
We know shawty is a eater
We know why she wanna see us
We know that she wanna be us
Oh, whoa, f*ck, we know, I swear I hate these hoes
Yeah, you know, yeah, we know
Psych, you don't know
Keep it on the low-low
Told a n*gga, "Lay low" (lay low)
Seven digits on the payroll (seven on the payroll)
Tell me why, tell me why it's so hard to say goodbye (sh*t)
And when I get inside of my mind, I lose my time
Thinking 'bout the times we had, thinking 'bout the time we spent
Tell me why you left when you told me this was forever and
Tell me why, tell me why it's so hard to say goodbye
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