Love and Hard Times lyrics


Paul Simon

[Verse 1]
God and his only Son
Paid a courtesy call on Earth
One Sunday morning
Orange blossoms opened their fragrant lips
Songbirds sang from the tips of cottonwoods
Old folks wept for His love in these hard times

[Verse 2]
"Well, we gotta get going," said the restless Lord to the Son
"There are galaxies yet to be born
Creation is never done
Anyway, these people are slobs here
If we stay, it's bound to be a mob scene
But disappear and it's love and hard timеs" (Mmm)

Loved you the first time I saw you
I know that's an old songwriting cliché
Lovеd you the first time I saw you
Can't describe it any other way
Any other way
The light of your beauty was warm as a summer day

Clouds of antelope roll by
No hint of rain to come
In the prairie sky
It's just love, love, love, love, love
When the rains came, the tears burned
Windows rattled, locks turned
It's easy to be generous when you're on a roll
It's hard to be grateful when you're out of control
And love is gone
The light at the edge of the curtain is the quiet dawn

The bedroom breathes in clicks and clacks
Uneasy heartbeat, can't relax
But then your hand takes mine
Thank God I found you in time
Thank God I found you
Thank God I found you
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