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"The Flash vs The Hulk"

[Verse 1: Flash]
Let me apologize
For ruthlessly beating you into a pulp
A green gob on the side of the road
I'll pause for a moment and let you catch up
The Flash, The Fastest
A Blur, get your glasses
Your girl simply knows me
As Mr. Fantastic
Violating and breaking the laws
Of physics, I'm anti-gravity
I've got super speed, I've got super wit
You Hulk Smash?
I'll smash the beat
The most decorated hotshot
That's coming around
Tell Me: How's it feel
To get your ass kicked
At the speed of sound?
[Verse 2: Bruce Banner/**Hulk**]
I like the red leotard
I really must confess
Is that the secret of your speed?
Dressing like a unisex?
Call me Dr. Banner
I'll beat ya as a physicist
I'm heat ya like a Gamma bomb
I'm deadly as a lyricist
Interrupting my research
To take on a has-been...
The slope of your career
Looks like a mountain up in Aspen
Listen Wally
You really don't want this
You think I'm angry now
But the Other Guy is ruthless
[Verse 3: Flash]
Already nerd
You asked for it
My flow is unreachable
Swag is unteachable
Wanna get near me?
My castle's unbreachable
Gamma my ass
Your coming in last
The Loser-Elect
And that's not impeachable
Hate on my clothes
But that's the least of your troubles
How'd you get all that elastic
In those purple nut huggers?
[Verse 4: Hulk]
** [Roar]
Hulk Smash, Hulk Angry
Little red pansy
b*tch Boy try to play me
You Fast?
Hulk Stronger
Flash just mad 'cuz
My Hulk stick longer**

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