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"Deadpool vs Deathstroke [Extended + Remastered]"

[Verse 1: Deadpool]
It's the Merch with the Mouth
Mercenary, no label
I'm Wade Winston Wilson
I'm mentally unstable
But a legend like a fable
Ready and I'm able
Battle me and get unplugged
Like a cable
You're a DC dipsh*t
Dipped like a dipstick
Diss so quick
I'm too slick for a dimwit
Beat his ass to the beat
'Cuz this guy's a f**king slowpoke
Leave him face down in the streets
From a Deathstroke
[Verse 2: Deathstroke]
I'm the greatest assassin the world's ever known
And I won't be insulted by a half-baked clone
The original terminator, infused with tenacity
A mind built for strategy
Enhanced brain capacity
Ingenious in battle, predicting your tactics
You lose in the first
Forgive the anticlimatic
Ending, but pretending
That this was really a contest
Would only encourage
Your sad ego complex
[Verse 3: Deadpool]
Can you guys believe this?
My feelings are shattered
That brain must be scattered
'Cuz he should be flattered
To consider me a clone
While he's sitting in his room
And I've got a blockbuster film coming soon
Stiff hits of logic is where
His smarts have gone south
A rap battle goes to the guy
With the smartest mouth
Look, no rules
b*tch, I'll break the fourth wall
Took a sh*t on your wit
Left this prick in the stall
[Verse 4: Deathstroke]
I've been taking on Titans
Since you were just a daydream
Your head's so big
They better film your sh*t in widescreen
Kevlar King
Flash bomb technician
Leave you in a pool of your blood-
Pun intended
In Slade versus Wade
Here's the final decision:
The black and red clown had a deadly collision
With a vision of the future
I'll be your death tutor
Every dog has his day
But this pup's been neutered
[Verse 5: Deadpool]
This pup's been neutered
Hmm, I've heard better
Enhanced brain ca-what?!
Thought you'd be more clever
You say I'm the clone?
But I've got the real hits
It's getting awfully difficult
To Wade through your bullsh*t
[Verse 6: Deathstroke]
Beyond human limits
From soldier to leader
You talk a big game
But you look like bleeder
If you got the real hits
I've got the real guns
Your pride took a beating
That you'll never heal from
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