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"Thor vs Raiden"

[Verse 1: Thor]
It's the mighty son of Odin
Please show me my opponent
I combat for fun
I wish somebody would've told him
They wouldn't let the real
God of Thunder
In your tournament
'Cuz I'd decorate your corpse
And then display you like an ornament
I heard you know Jujitsu
But that's still like a pitbull
Going up against a Shih Tzu
I'll smash you into pieces
'Cuz my flow is like my weapon
Warhammer on the beat
Your chopsticks are stuck in second
[Verse 2: Raiden]
To you, It's Lord Raiden
Earth's starting center
First game that I played in
An Elemental Elder
My mind works in eternity
To battle me in wit
Would mеan the pit or the infirmary
For you my friend, I must admit
Your bravеry and courage
You're Goldilocks
I'll have you on the side
With my porridge
From the looks of it
You need to grab a book
And leave behind the gym
You'll know it's lights out
When you hear 'em yell
Finish Him!
[Verse 3: Thor]
It's the Silver Age Avenger
Time to insulate this Lightning Mage
You should've brought your
Back up crew
Sonya Blade or Johnny Cage
Asgard's Finest
Just ask my brother Loki
I'll end you like I'm Shao Kahn
Then smoke you like a stogie
[Verse 4: Raiden]
Ethereal energy and immortality
I can't be beaten, that's just the reality
Wisdom, Strategy, Sacrifice
Also electric on the mic
Mjolnir, just leave it here
There's gonna be a casualty
Get this man a stretcher
'Cuz that verse was a
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