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"PS4 vs Xbox1"

[Verse 1: PS4]
It's the console king who got a standing ovation
The all black nightmare
The fourth Playstation
X marks the spot on my punk ass opposer
I'll heat up this box till he pops like a toaster
He's throwing all kinds of new rules on the day
No pre-owned shares & No offline play?
Shutting down Games is a low down annoyance
Get this softy a pill that can helps his Performance
[Verse 2: Xbox1]
Hold on son I'm called the one for a reason
I'm taking what's mine
Like a Mad Liam Nesson
I'm a Microsoft Mainstay
The best of the best & I can't perform?
How about a Network test
I'm c*cked Locked & Loaded
I suggest that you stay low
When I murder you here you'll finally get your own halo
Miles ahead I'm way outta your class
You wanna die by Kinect? Or you prefer Smart Glass?
[Verse 3: PS4]
Hang on, miles ahead?
Were you dropped on your side?
Please Go and Google GDDR5
With my AMG JAG I didn't mean to upstage him
I'd give you some Tips
But They can't upgrade him
The Dual Shock Don but I'm wise like a Sensei
Killing Microsoft's hopes like my Last Name's Kenway
They call you the One but I'm One of a Kind
Who else steals the show all for $399?
[Verse 4: Xbox1]
Somebody flip on my switch
It's time to go Live
I'm the Multiplayer Menace & I'm ready to ride
I'm the Jack of all Trades
Comin' to your Family room
TV, Voice Control & The Market Share Soon
That MSRP might boost your Preorders
But I bet that pricetag includes cutting corners
I'm A Legend, You're Coming in Second
I already won it, I hope you remember
Think that you're good but I promise I'm better
I'll be the Reminder
Come November
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