The infinite source


[Verse 1}
Z-fighters stand up!
I think the earth is going to need us one more time
They're coming with heat and our training's complete
So it's time we show 'em
Just how we grind
First up the man of the hour
So fresh and so clean
Like he stepped out of the shower
Only thing he knows is number one
But you can always count on Goku Son
Next in from planet Vegeta
You steppin' to him and I wouldn't want to be 'ya
Ambitious, malicious, and chasing the top
But don't call him son, you best call him pop
Warrior blood
Warrior race
Warrior skills, warrior pace
Catch 'em with a tail on a full moon night
And them grеat apes about to catch a case
[Verse 2]
Make room for Piccolo
Hе'll special beam cannon on your girl
With that Namek flow
And while we're on the planet
There's an alien trying to steal our balls
Like a bandit
But our power levels growing
About to break your scouter
Had to turn the Ginyu Force
All into clam chowder
Ripped Frieza into pieces
So he knew we weren't playing
Lesson #1 don't p*ss off a Super Saiyan
[Verse 3]
Now the Androids wanna play rough
But even in their perfect form
Their cells weren't good enough
Piccolo's protege
Steppin' in to save the day
Heat 'em with Masenko
Then break them like they're made of clay
Trunks comin in
Shelving enemies like trophies
And just for the record
Trunks did kill Broly
Scars that they've gotta earn
Battles that they've gotta fight
Majin Buu's doin' wrong
Z-Crew's about to make it right
[Verse 4]
Z-Fighters stand up
I think these clowns made our list
Shenron better grant our wish
Don't get hit with the dragon fist
Fight to win, win to lose
Only lose to improve
Headed to the top
And we set control to cruise
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