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"Captain America vs Deathstroke"

[Verse 1: Captain America]
Well, if it's soldier vs soldier
Recognize your superior
Or else you'll find a red boot
Stuck in your interior
My friends call me Steve
So can I get a Roger that
My foes call me
The last thing that they see
I'm like the endcap
The Golden-Aged Avenger
With time been enlightened
You're stuck in adolescence
Chasing after Teen Titans
The first of my kind
And you're a replica
I changed the game
You haven't felt this kind of pain
Since you lost Mrs. Kane
[Verse 1: Deathstroke]
You seek out my wrath
So I'll make accommodations
Detective Comics Killer
Serving up assassinations
Some would say I'm ruthless
These head decapitations
The precision of my killing
Deserves a standing ovation
Your friends call you Steve?
Well, I'm the Death Excavator
And b*tches like yourself
Just call me the Terminator
They squirted experimental serum
Trying to perfect you
You're going to need a lot more
Than a S.H.I.E.L.D to protect you
[Verse 1: Captain America]
Your arrogance is entertaining
The cap, he doesn't lose
Didn't think that needed explaining
Wax the floor with your ass
And watch your hopes quickly waning
While you take another L
You'll catch a stroke from complaining
A simple heirarchy
I simply outrank you
I'll Soulja Boy tell 'em
I simply outcrank you
I'll stomp you in the short game
In the marathon outlastin'
This is your last battle
I assassinate assassins
[Verse 1: Deathstroke]
Weapons reloaded
Hit you with a verbal power staff
I'll hit you with a lethal blast
And roast your star spangled ass
Strategically, this matchup
Was a very poor decision
I calculate you knew
This was a kamikaze mission
I'm the real super soldier
You'll lose in this game of arms
Go back into your cave
And save your bromance
With Bucky Barnes
You outdated old f*ck
They retired you and your suit
I think the Cap's just mad
'Cuz his little soldier won't salute
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