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"Mega Man X vs Samus vs Cyborg (vs Raiden)"

[Verse 1: Mega Man X]
It's Megaman
Get a Mega-Can of whoop-ass
When I drop in on the beat
I'll take all of you down
You're nothing to me
Samus, Cyborg
I'll drop you both in my sleep
Busy playing hero
We all know it's just pretend though
Been Maverick Hunting scrubs like you
Since the Super Nintendo
Simply call me "X"
Created by Doctor Light
And Samus you're just a mad
A six foot chick is not my type
And Cyborg, time to pull the plug
And hit your off switch
I'll send you back to Titan HQ
Like a lost b*tch
[Verse 2: Samus]
You wanna step up to an
Ex-Galactic Federation soldier
It's your funeral
You're "X" but I'm "I"
Since we're talking in Roman Numerals
Intergalactic, my cannon's on automatic
Directed energy weapons will
Splat you both into static
Powered up so don't test me
I'm way above your level
I'll turn a Cyborg
Into metallic scrap metal
It's the Metroid Prime Time missile toting Ms
I'll let you bow down
If you recover from my disses
[Verse 3: Cyborg]
Look, they put a pair of amateurs
Vs a real titan
That's unfortunate
My intellect, strength, and flow game
Is disproportionate
And Samus talkin' cannons
Like a true ignoramus
Gonna have to rename this woman
"Simple Suit Samus"
And Megaman your attacks
Have done little more than annoy
On my league or in the Titans
You'd just be the water boy
I'm replicating vision
At a superhuman level
Seeing through the trash talk
You clones could never test my metal
[Verse 4: Raiden]
Alright, I'm slicing and dicing
It's Raiden or Jack the Ripper
I'm coming in with the vengeance
To end a Zero-Suit Stripper
I am the lightning
I'll turn a Megaman into a memory
And end a lesser Cyborg
While I gather up my energy
Who else could match the combos!?
Who else could match the blade mode!?
Who else could dismember any enemy while in slow-mo!?
You're so-so
You're average
And now you've met the A-Grade
I'd tell you more about it
But that's way above your pay grade!
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