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"Master Yi vs Yasuo"

[Verse 1: Master Yi]
Through the ancient art of Wuju
I'll show you how we do it
A deadly martial artist
You're about to make me prove it
I've tempered my body
I've sharpened my mind
My thought and my actions can
Now all stand the test of time
Violence is my last resort
There is a better way
But you've challenged me and
Now I'll send you to an early grave
Hit you with an Alpha Strike
And Teleport across the battlefield
Before this gets serious
I'm gonna havе to suggest you yield
[Verse 2: Yasuo]
As far as swordsmen go
You'rе an amateur, I'm a pro
When I'm done, I'll wrap your carcass
In a little yellow bow
How you like it
Wield the wind itself
I know you're frightened
You're running scared when you're
Supposed to be so enlightened
I'm fighting for survival-
But still, I'll cut you down
Once a proud warrior
And I'll regain my crown
But you never had one to begin with
A swift clean death is
The only thing that you'll end with
[Verse 3: Master Yi]
Alright, Now you've awakened a Master
Hitting with the low blows
Now you've got a disaster coming
Double Strike, Meditate mid-fight
Drop some knowledge on this wannabe
Before I take his life
Wuju Style activated
And soon you'll be sedated
My mind is my weapon
It isn't so complicated
Did you ever see me coming?
No, I think I'm too fast
Hit you with my Special
Go Highlander on your ass
[Verse 4: Yasuo]
With the wind at my back
I'll make it a quick dispatch
You were so overmatched
I figured I owed you that
Steel Tempest or a Wind Wall
Either means a quick fall
Wuju's outdated
Sweeping Blade is the end all
The story of a sword
Is always inked in blood
When I drown the ground in yours
It will be a Yi flood
Blade vs blade
This has been your last test
Lift you off your feet
Before you take your last breath
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