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"Venom vs Carnage [Extended and Remastered]"

[Verse 1: Venom]
We're venomous when we're spittin'
An alien on a mission
We keep a host all times
And looking for new additons
And man, this kid's a joke
The realest symbiote
We are perfection in action
And you're a step from broke
We put the super in villian
We put the arch in the enemy
When we look at you
We can't see nothing more
Than the mini-me
It's something you'll never be
Every way, we'rе surperior
We've takеn out the Amzaing
And your new name's the inferior
[Verse 2: Carnage]
This guy is bipolar
Please drop the "We"
I only see one b*tch
Standing in front of me
Detachable weapons
That's something you can't do
So, If you're 1.0
Then that would make me 2
Homicidal urges
I can be a bit erratic
But it also makes me dangerous
And killing is a habit
Consider this a warning
If you still think I'm a joke
I'll sonically step it up
And disintegrate you both
[Verse 3: Venom]
Check our S.H.I.E.L.D status
We're one of the greatest threats to humanity
It's insanity
You better place your bets
We know you've got regrets
And you're frettin' it finally came to this
Magneto and Dr. doom
Both said that we're too dangerous
Go camouflage on your ass
Spider senses can't detect us
Keep hatin' all you want
But you still will respect us
A monster, original sin
We'll put an end
To this straight jacket chump
Now change our record
One win!
[Verse 4: Carnage]
Now, let's not get ahead of ourselves
You think you're bad as me?
A psychopathic maniac-
You're still no match for Kasady
Prepare for a mind bomb
Carnage Maximum
I'll lay you in the ground
And tell your people just relaxin' him
Homicidal sadist
A.K.A. The Greatest
Stronger than you and Spidey combined
No Debate
It's the truth
You're aloof
You lose
You need proof
Drop the roof
On this juiced up b*tch
No excuse
[Verse 5: Venom]
The venomous spitta returns
Back on top of our game
About to put a beatdown
On this crimson lame
The Symbiotic Sultan is back
Take our throne with no hitch
Crushing all our obstacles
We finally got a movie b*tch!
[Verse 6: Carnage]
I've heard enough
Someone put this dog in a kennel
Kasady's arrived to
Split a Venom down the middle
The homicidal sadist is back
And I've got a knack
For disposing of double b*tches like Brock
Like click-clack
[Verse 7: Venom]
We've got the world on our shoulder's now
You better take notice
Kick you're little red ass
But we think they already know this
[Verse 8: Carnage]
I'm reaching for greatness
Beyond the silver screen
You both know I'm the one
To truly make a Venom scream
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