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"Piccolo vs Android 17 [Extended + Remastered]"

[Verse 1: Piccolo]
It's the heavy hitting Piccolo
I've come to drop another line
Come to spit another verse
Come to kill another rhyme
Lime Green Gangster
17's gonna die today
17: "I think I can beat Piccolo!"
17's gonna lie today
Cutting Red Ribbons
Like we at a State Fair
Cap this b**** up solo 'cuz you know
Piccolo don't share
You know I roll in heavy with the cape-
Still fly though
17's personality?
Still dry though
[Verse 2: Android 17]
Artificial Human No.17
Above your power level
Dispose of you like a damn toy
Making Z-Fighters look like
A Junior High B-Team
Please hold still
And proceed to get this beating
Had to shut down Gero
Send my crеator to his maker
Just imagine what I would do to
This little picklе hater
Those who have come before disappoint
They were a dud
Bandanna on my neck
To wipe up Piccolo's blood
[Verse 3: Piccolo]
Slap an artificial face
With an all-green backhand
Couple hits, put this b**** to sleep
Like the Sandman
Fused up, flossed out
In other words, I'm bossed out
DBZ Bouncer
17's getting tossed out
From the whack bandanna
To the tucked-in jeans
Beat a dork down
Let's hear an Android scream
Special Beam Cannon
Light's out, that's the K.O
When I'm done with this verse
They gon' sign Piccolo to a label
[Verse 4: Android 17]
Yes, I'll think I'll label you:
The loser in this fight
I don't need 18
To take a lame green life
I dominated Trunks
Made him look like a child
Next up was your boy Tien
Choked him out for awhile
You had to go fuse
Just to have a shot against me
Your self overestimation
Lessens your chances immensely
17, I'm supreme
I'm the king on the scene
Kill and recycle Piccolo
I guess I'm going green
[Verse 5: Piccolo]
Hold up
The lime green gangster
Ain't taking no crap
It's the Z-Verse King
And I'm handing out b***h slaps
Face you anytime, anywhere, any planet
'Cuz Rule #1 is
Never f**k with a Namek
[Verse 6: Android 17]
It's 17 another round-
Put a pickle in the ground
All you'll find is pain
I've got the skill and I've got the sound
This Special Beam chump
Still can't catch up to my last rhymes
Kickin' the sh*t outta Piccolo
Is one of my favorite pastimes
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