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"Steph Curry vs James Harden"

[Verse 1]
Had to hit 'em with the long range
Make it swish on the main stage
Can't keep up with the handles
Shine too bright, boi, you can't hold a candle
You know you 'bout to lose tho
I'll leave ya ego with a bruise tho
Another title like gimmie that
Then I hit another 3 and I shimmy back
Hold up, someone get the lightweight
I'm cruisin' past him in the paint
And he might break
(Huh, Yeah)
You're too soft, better own up
And put that nasty mouth guard back
Like a grown up
My crossover make the best ones fall back
They hit the hard court
Whatcha call that?
(Huh, Yeah)
That's the coming of the new kings
Me and CP3 about to have rings
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